Conference Proceedings

  1. Chellammal Surianarayanan, Sharmila Rengasamy, “Recommendation of Attributes for Heart Disease Prediction using correlation measure, “4th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technologies”, Nellore, July 2019 (Paper is under review with scopus indexed journal)

2 .Gopinath Ganapathy, Chellammal Surianarayanan, “Architecture for QoS based Service Selection Using Local Approach”, Proceedings of the WASET World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Science Index, Computer and Information Engineering, (2014), 1(3), 1216, Barcelona, Spain, March 2015

3.Chellammal Surianarayanan, “An Integrated Approach from Improving the Performance of Semantic Service Discovery,  In the Proceeding of IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research, IEEE-ICCIC 2014 (BEST PAPER AWARD)

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4. Chellammal Surianarayanan, Gopinath Ganapathy, “A Method for Constructing Knowledgebase from Data in Emails using Clustering” , International Conference on Computers and Information Technology, Organized by Alagappa University, Sep 23-24 2013

5. Chellammal Surianarayanan, Gopinath Ganapathy, “Semantic Similarity based Clustering Approach as on Optimization to Service Discovery” in Proceedings of First International Conferences on Innovations in contemporary IT Research” , during 17-18 Feb 2012, pp. 12-15

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6. Chellammal Surianarayanan, Gopinath Ganapathy, “A new method for quick discovery and selection of services for composition using clustering, indexing and multithreading”, Proceedings of third National conferences on computing concepts in current trends, pp.33-38, 2012.

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7. Chellammal Surianarayanan, Gopinath Ganapathy, “Elimination of Irrelevancy during semantic service discovery using clustering approach”, in the proceeding of First International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology, published as book series “Trends in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology” by Springer, Edited by Dhinagaran Nagamalai et al.  2011, pp. 307-315. Springer link(

8.Chellammal Surianarayanan, Gopinath Ganapathy “An Approach to Efficient Web Service Discovery” in the International Conference of Advanced Engineering and Technology, 2011 (ICAET-11) organized by E.G.S Pillay Engineering College, Nagapattinam, during May 27-7- 2011

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9. Gopinath Ganapathy, Chellammal Surianarayanan, “An Approach to Identify Candidate Services for Semantic Web Service Discovery”, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Service Oriented Computing and Applications, 2010 pp. 321-324, (Held at Perth, Australia, December 2010), IEEE Digital Library link,

10. Gopinath Ganapathy, Chellammal Surianarayanan, “Link based approach to Web Service Discovery”, Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering, 2010, Vol I. pp. 454-459

11. Gopinath Ganapathy, Chellammal Surianarayanan, “Identification of Candidate Services for Optimization of Web Service Composition”, Proceedings of World Congress on Engineering, 2010, Vol I., pp. 448-453