Concept of Web Services

This content help you to explore Web Services

Middleware Technologies

This content explain Middleware Technologies

Internet and WWW Concepts

This will give good knowledge over Internet and WWW

Cluster ,Grid and Cloud Computing

This file contains detailed explanation about Cluster , Grid and Cloud Computing

Semantic Web

This Content explain about Semantic Web

The Role of ICT in Agriculture

This section will help you to understand The Role of ICT in Agriculture.

Digital Signatures

This  Content is about  the Digital Signatures

Data Structures in PYTHON

This Content discuss Data Structures in PYTHON

Programming in PHP - 16SCCCS9

This file contains the Question & Answer Pattern E-content for  Programming in PHP - for the Subject Code : 16SCCCS9 for BDUC college Syllabus -

Cloud Computing  - P16CS41

This material for Cloud Computing has been prepared in the form of questions and answers to help the students in preparing for semester exams easily.  It covers most of the contents from all the five units of the Cloud Computing syllabus of Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli.

Programming in Java - for B.Sc II year

This is study material in Q&A pattern for B.Sc II year Students of Bharathidasan University.

Data Structures and Algorithms ~ for B.Sc III year

This is the study material foe the B.Sc III year students of Bharathidasan University.

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